Expense Claim Workflow Approval

Xynergy build this web application to enable managers to approve travel expense reports from any browser-ready device. It supports managers to achieve a timely reaction when expense approval workflows are created and reduces approval waiting time.It eases simple approval/rejection tasks for managers and speeds decision-making and responsiveness by reducing travel expense approval workflow process time.

The web application also enables employees to manage their timesheet data from any browser-ready device, which speeds up mobile timesheet entry, speeding up time capturing and related business processes.

Prepare and submit payment requisition

  1. After the sourcing, PR and PO process, in each function, dedicated administrator or secretary will be responsible for preparing the payment requisition form via SAP Enterprise Portal.
  2. System will support both online approval and signoff on hardcopy form per approver preference. Supporting documents can be uploaded to the system for online approval scenario.

Review and approve payment request

  1. Approver and authorized delegates will receive email notification that payment requests are waiting for their review and approval.
  2. For online approval scenario, approver and authorized delegate can use the embedded URL link to access the system to review/approve the payment request or return back to the preparer for correction.
  3. The preparer will be informed by an automatically generated email for return scenario.

Post payment request

  1. There is flexibility for Finance to make required changes on the requisition form to speed up turnaround.
  2. After payment request is verified, Finance to post the payment request in the web system.
  3. The Web application will automatically created a Journal entry into SAP ERPBackend.