Mobile Solutions (Sybase Unwired Platform)


Secure access to business applications on the go

Enterprises around the world understand the pressing need to mobilize their workforces. Companies must have the ability to move business information quickly and securely between the back office and the front lines to stay competitive. To meet the many challenges in mobilizing your business, you need to work with an established leader. As a proven enterprise mobility leader, Sybase has:

  • 20,000 global mobility customers
  • Thousands of leading mobility partners
  • 20 years of enterprise mobility expertise
  • Top analyst reviews

Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

Sybase helps you build flexible, scalable, cost-effective mobile applications.

The most effective strategy for mobilizing enterprise systems and providing reliable data access from a variety of device types is a platform-based approach. With a platform, you can easily manage the entire mobile enterprise and integrate mobile and legacy environments in a seamless, flexible and cost-effective manner.

Enterprise Services

SB_ICON_mCommerceServicesEngage your customers anytime, anywhere via their mobile phones and SMS.

Sybase mCRM provides the tools for any enterprise to reach consumers through all stages of the customer lifecycle via SMS on their mobile phones. This is the quickest and most direct way to engage consumers. mCRM allows companies to develop an entirely new strategy to reach current and potential customers, driving new sales and revenue channels.

Mobile Security & Application Management

SB_ICON_ManagedMobilitySybase gives IT the control it needs over all mobile devices in the enterprise

Smart businesses all around the world are embracing mobility as business critical. Leveraging the latest trend to allow personal devices at work is only one way that enterprises can be successful in this ‘consumerized’ IT landscape.

mCommerce Services

SB_ICON_EnterpriseServicesNavigate the mobile economy with Sybase mCommerce solutions

mCommerce is good for consumers—and for banks. Financial institutions recognize the mobile economy as an opportunity to strengthen their position through new products and services that create new revenue streams, attract new deposits, lower costs, reduce fraud and increase customer loyalty.

Mobile Applications

SB_ICON_MobileApplicationsMobile applications have entered the enterprise and are transforming the way people conduct business.

From the corner office to the service fleet, mobile applications are driving increased worker productivity through fast decision-making and quick response to customers. We offer a growing range of mobile applications for secure access to business processes anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Operator Services

SB_ICON_OperatorServicesSybase 365 pioneered mobile messaging interoperability, and remains the unrivalled global leader for SMS and MMS. At the core of the service is the most extensive, private, operator-grade network for mobile messaging available.

Managed Mobility

SB_ICON_MobileSecurityHost and provide managed mobility services to the enterprise