Solution Summary

Xynergy offers the customized Mobile Solution for Sales Staff to login to the SAP ERP backend on Apple IPAD and Android device. Benefits:

  • Shorten the processes to check product availability and take order from customer on the road.
  • Efficiently prepare Customer visits and get insights on customer account data.
App Description
Enables the user to search for materials and view the details. Material availability and price information on customer base can be provided right away and support the user in his daily requests. Allowing  the user to make material reservation easy and directly from mobile device guarantees ‘maximum customer satisfaction.
Key Pain Points Addressed
Sales people cannot access material details when in the field
Material price and availability information needs to be provided to customers right away
App Description
Sales representative or account executive can check the financial situation of customers on the mobile device. The user can display all relevant financial data for a customer.
Key Pain Points Addressed
With this app: Sales rep can now access financial data and customer invoices real time on his own
Without this app: calls to back office / accounting, e-mails, fax,… to collect the required information