How does the SAP PLM High Performance, Flexible Delivery and Pricing Model (HFPM) support your needs

The SAP PLM HFPM provides the technical foundation for Product Lifecycle Management. This technical foundation is the cornerstone that supports collaborative product development.

With the SAP PLM HFPM, you can create and deliver innovative products that fulfill or create market demand.

You can optimize the product developing processes and systems to speed the release of products to market.

You can become more agile than your competitors and would be able to react and take advantage of market and competitive opportunities across your business networks.

The pre-configured functionality makes the initial configuration easier and faster, therefore you could use the new software right away.

And last, but not least, the rapid-deployment solution has a reduced implementation time and cost via fixed price and fixed scope.

  • Visual Communication: … enables easy and efficient communication and collaboration across the value chain, via the 3D visual representation of products. Communication is much easier via a 3D model, processes can be communicated accurately and transparently via movies.
  • Portfolio and Project Management: … helps to deliver products on time and budget via project management to handle timelines deliverables and have resource control. Portfolio Management to define your overall strategy and enable transparency and control mechanism that provides real time status information on planning, budgeting or resources.
  • Embedded Analytics, and Collaboration: … are supporting better and faster decisions based on more data and process insights. Product information are aggregated from different sources and embedded in the user interface in a context-sensitive manner
  • Embedded Engineering Change Management… to collect all objects and information to initiate, investigate, approve, and execute change management processes.
  • Embedded Quality and Compliance Management… helps to “design for compliance” by providing compliance information in the early stages of the product development phase. And continuous compliance visibility and controls during product development, sourcing, inspection, manufacturing, sales, service, and recycling
  • Data and Process Synchronization with Manufacturing and Service…. Enables faster time to market by guided transitions of engineering product structures to manufacturing production processes
  • Product Structure and Variant Management…. to offer high flexibility for documentation – from high-level concepts to detailed product configurations
  • Product Master Data and Recipe Management…. to develop and manage in one environment a comprehensive description of all kind of products via structure or recipe management
  • Document Management … enables to have one environment to manage all kind of documents easy and save from complex product descriptions to standard letters
  • Tool integration… to integrate all kind of tools which support the development process with creation of additional information like drawings, software, layouts or design sketches.
  • SAP PLM drives the innovation process across the full lifecycle, enabling the creation, development, manufacturing, delivery, and support of market-leading products and services
  • View the 3D, 2D file formats attached to the objects, Redline the original, and Make Comments.
  • Product visualization is an integral component in modern business software solutions.The viewer provided by SAP, which is fully integrated with the PLM Web User Interface, renders 2D and 3D graphic files as a means to visualize product data and collaborate.
  • Embedded ad-hoc workflow functionality for many SAP PLM objects. Define individual ad-hoc workflows or load from process route templates as an end user.
  • It is possible to trigger workflows for many PLM Objects with direct links to the specific object, in an easy and user friendly way for the recipient of the workflow.