Your Key Issues and Business Needs

A strong pain point for customers today is that Mobile applications in the market are mainly stand alone point solutions. They address a single business problem on a single handset (iPhone or BlackBerry or Android) and cant scale in scope to cover multiple business problems in various lines of business across various devices.

The costs of implementing and managing these point mobile solutions is prohibitively expensive reducing adoption of mobile solutions by enterprises causing companies to miss out on the productivity enhancements that mobility has to offer and reducing their ROI on existing mobile investments.

Because Xynergy SAP Consulting uses preconfigured content, you as a business get what you need to run your business out of the box, delivered quickly. Xynergy SAP consultants only install the mobile applications that you need so that you can start faster with what’s more important and expand as you need later.

The Preconfigured content allows the project to be quick and lean because of the clearly defined scope, the knowledge transfer to users, the fast-track methodology all of which enables you go live in 6-8 weeks. Finally, the flexible software pricing and fixed priced, low cost services, ensures that your mobile project will be cost effective, both monetarily as well as in terms of Business and IT resources.

Value Adding

Powerful mobile solution delivered ‘out-of-the-box’ based on leading SAP Sybase Unwired Platform Start fast, with few important mobile apps, and expand later Seamless access to SAP’s Business Suite back-office information

Quick and Lean

Clearly defined scope Includes pre-configuration content and knowledge transfer to key users Fast-track implementation methodology Enables you to go live in 8 weeks*


Attractive fixed-price services Reduced resource requirements from Business and IT

Mobilize your Corporate Value Chain

This is a quick overview of all the software components and available Mobile Solutions

System Landscape