The SAP Unlimited support service package will cover, but not limited to, the following SAP tasks with minimum fund. Our clients can save as much as 5 head-counts.

Support Service Package

Section 1 - Application Support

  • Help Desk Support (Key Users Help Desk Support)
  • Requirement gathering (Advise & support key user to collect requirement)
  • Problem solving and Solution proposal (Advise available solution and resolve issues)
  • SAP system configuration and testing (Carry out configuration and unit testing)
  • System Integration Consulting (Advise & Support on System Integration)
  • New Rollout Services (Carry out new implementation Activities)
  • Knowledge transfer (Advise & support key user to deliver the solution)

Section 2 - Basis Support

  • Customer Telephone Support (Customer can call on SAP technical Support matter)
  • User Administration (SAP user creation/deletion/locking)
  • Transport /client copy Management (Carry out SAP transport request or client copy)
  • Printer Administration (Configure printer settings with standard SAP options and optimize the SAP printing)
  • System Monitoring (Go through SAP monitoring tools to health check the system)
  • ABAP Errors Monitoring (Monitor ABAP short dump and update error, provide recommendation on technical perspective)
  • Database Monitoring (Monitor database usage and performance, conduct table space management to ensure sufficient space is assigned to the database tables)
  • Background Job Management (Monitor and Management SAP background jobs)
  • Batch Job (Manage system batch job schedule)
  • SAP Buffer Management (Monitor SAP buffer and suggest the parameter to improve performance)
  • Performance Monitoring (Identify and provide recommendation to improve performance bottleneck)
  • Monthly review (Onsite review with customer on existing issue and action plan for the issue)
  • Support Package (Apply SAP support package)
  • Kernel Upgrade (Upgrade SAP kernel)
  • Authorization (Redesign or new setup of authorization roles)
  • SAP OSS Connection and Key Generation (Open remote connection for SAP support, generate developer keys or object keys)
  • OS/DB Migration (Plan and Perform Platform (OS and / or DB) migration)
  • Backup & Restore Drill (Perform backup & restore drill (Hardware’s Rental Fee is not included))
  • SAP Upgrade (SAP Release Upgrade)

Section 3 - SAP Programming

  • Custom Solution Development (Develop add-on solutions)
  • Develop Customized Report (Develop Customized report based on client’s requirement)
  • Develop Interface program (Develop program to interface with client’s external systems or extract data from SAP)
  • Develop external program to interface with SAP (Develop .Net program to call SAP function via BAPI)
  • Develop Data Conversion program (Develop data conversion program to upload data to SAP)
  • Report Performance Enhancement (Performance Tuning on Customized Report or Modified Programs for addition logic)

Section 4 - On-site Support

  • On-Site Class Room Training
  • On-Site Consulting Support
  • On-site Basis Support
  • On-site Programming Support